Welcome to day four of the Jared Cowen Autographed Jersey T-Shirt contest. In the past few days, we’ve challenged readers to:

  1. Add us to Twitter or plug the Cowen contest on a messageboard. Or both.
  2. Print off our website’s logo and take some pictures of it in front of some landmarks or places of significance.
  3. Answer a small open book 5-question quiz correctly. (Wherein all of the answers can be found directly off of the website.)

(Ed. note: If you missed any of the aforementioned contest days, don’t worry about it. To get involved in the contest, all of the tasks just need to be completed before Contest Day 14 is over.)

And here’s your challenge for day four:

A few months ago, we ran a poll on the website asking our readers who they wanted to see most on a future edition of The 6th Sens Podcast. The overwhelming winner was the Ottawa Sun’s Don Brennan whom we’ve never asked to appear on the program. So here’s what we’re going to do:

  1. Open up your email and create a new message.
  2. Address it to Don Brennan and CC us on the recipient’s list.
  3. Do your best to convince Don to come on a future episode of the podcast.

We’ll give one point for an email. Three points if it generates a reply (and you forward us the reply) and five points if you actually convince him to come on the podcast.