What to Expect From Us On Deadline Day

As everyone knows, Wednesday is the big day — The NHL’s Trade Deadline. After last season’s overwhelming success live blogging the event, Tim and I have decided to do it again. We’ll be using the Cover It Live application to bring you readers the latest discussion, rumo(u)rs, and Tweets.

Like last year, our coverage will feature some special guests.

The fun won’t stop once the deadline has passed. Tim and I will be recording a trade deadline version of The 6th Sens Podcast Wednesday night and for the first time, we will be taking phone calls from readers who want to throw their 2 cents in on the day’s events. If you want to be a part of the next podcast, email us and we’ll give you the details.

*** Also, since it’s the start of the work week, I wanted to remind readers that I erred with the last podcast’s download link. To download Episode 13 of The 6th Sens Podcast featuring the former Senators GM and current GM of the Florida, Randy Sexton , right-click and save this link.