Email of the Day

This one comes from Banjo Bill:

Hey G-Man:

Remember that glorious start Ottawa had a couple of years the 2007-2008 season??? The media started comparing us to the Habs back in the 70’s…we started 5 and 0…until our first loss that year…Carolina came into our building and did the hockey equivalent of a full-court press: 5 Hurricanes in the Senators’ end of the rink..Result??? Canes’ win with a 5-3 score that flattered the Sens (2 late goals by the Sens) … Now flash forward to this season and our loss in the ACC against the Leafs.. Wilson gambles and sends everybody in.. Leafs got up a couple and we never recover…


CONCLUSION: the whole league knows we are vulnerable in our end.


Carolina did not give us a hard forecheck last Thursday and that’s why we won that game barely. We were allowed to exit our zone largely unharassed. Plus Mike Fisher’s trick shot went in. By comparison, Buffalo, the Leafs, the Habs all now set up that defensive structure in their own zone that looks like a croquet wicket in front of their net. And when they retrieve the puck, it’s those zip-zip passes that allow them to exit their zone, together, on the rush, with speed. So, my only question is: if we can see this – all of us – what are the coaching staff doing about it? Please: don’t tell me they’re too busy trying to figure out how many guys we have on the ice.