The Spezza/Murray Meeting


With the majority of the Sens Army bickering amongst themselves as to whom is to blame for this whole Jason Spezza situation, we at The 6th Sens have developed our own summary of what may or may not have been said during the first Bryan Murray and Jason Spezza exit interview.

  1. Jason, history has shown us that the only person who gains anything from a publicly announced trade request is the Gene Florcyk Award winning Bruce Garrioch.  ~ Bryan Murray
  2. Dany believes I’ve already said too much. ~ Jason Spezza
  3. Look at the players in the Stanley Cup Finals. I told you that players need to age before they can have success these days. ~ Jason Spezza
  4. Jason, the only turnovers that the mainstream media enjoys are the ones you can order from Arby’s. ~ Bryan Murray
  5. I want to go to Tampa so that Yzerman can mentor me himself. ~ Jason Spezza
  6. As you know, I recently got married and I’m not mature enough to be able to commit to more than one thing at a time. ~ Jason Spezza
  7. Who cares if my best hockey friends were Ray Emery, Brian McGrattan and Dany Heatley? I’m not guilty by association, am I? ~ Jason Spezza
  8. I don’t know when/where to pass it. When my right-winger isn’t incessantly tapping or waving his stick for a pass, how am I supposed to know when he’s going backdoor? ~ Jason Spezza
  9. You saw how bad my numbers get when I focus on my defensive play. ~ Jason Spezza
  10. Those weren’t boos Jason, they were saying “Lou”. Ottawa fans just really appreciated the Olympics. ~ Bryan Murray
  11. Speaking of Olympics… we’re going to need another excuse if you get off to a slow start next season. Positioning yourself for a spot on the Canadian World Championship team just doesn’t have the same ring to it. ~ Bryan Murray
  12. If your trade value is really drowning, maybe Ron MacLean can save it? ~ Bryan Murray
  13. It’s not me. It’s my wife. She wants to get out from underneath Carrie Underwood’s shadow in the players wives’ suite. ~ Jason Spezza
  14. Is there any way we can get my Ben & Jerry’s Caramel Hat Trick added to my playoff stats? ~ Jason Spezza
  15. I’m pleased you only giggled once throughout this exit interview Jason, although it was when I said I would like to extend to you an olive branch. ~ Bryan Murray
  16. The biggest problem in the locker room right is the Alfie/Erik living arrangement. It makes me uncomfortable to be honest with you. ~ Jason Spezza
  17. This number was brought to you by
  18. No. When my NTC kicks in on July 1st, I won’t publicly announce that I want to be dealt… I swear. ~ Jason Spezza
  19. What do you mean you want to be traded? What? No. I’m not crying…it just been raining… on my face. ~ Bryan Murray
  20. Fine. You want out? I’ll trade you to a city with a professional baseball team. Then you can’t wear your Blue Jays hat around anymore. Happy? ~ Bryan Murray

2005 Draft Class Evaluation

Recently, Nathan White from Hockey’s Future reviewed Ottawa’s 2005 draft class for their website. As White mentioned that Ottawa could have skipped this draft, and their farm system would have barely been affected. I feel the same way after reading his review.

More Garrioch

While many are seething at the Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch for reporting that Spezza wasn’t pleased with his treatment by the media and fans, they could have missed today’s news on Off the Posts that there is no update to report on talks with free agent C Matt Cullen. The discussions are continuing and the Senators would like to keep him. The possibility exists he will return to Ottawa. The club is also in heavy discussions with restricted free agent C Peter Regin.