Podcast Episode IX

On this week’s episode of the podcast, we were fortunate enough to share the studio with Sun Media‘s Neate Sager. Aside from working for the Sun, Neate is also the writer of the popular Out of Left Field blog and the CIS blog. I highly encourage you readers to check both out.

Aside from sharing the studio with Neate, Tim and I also were afforded the opportunity to talk to an inaugural Senators player, icon and legend — Darcy “The Chainsaw” Loewen.

As always, the podcast is available for stream/download/subscribe to for free on Itunes and if you don’t have Itunes, you can download the link by right-clicking and saving this link. Or you can simply stream the episode below. I hope you readers enjoy it and I hope you all enjoy this afternoon’s Senators game on Hockey Day in Canada.

Here’s the tracklist for the podcast: The Constantines Young Lions; Rolling Stones Street Fighting Man; Neil Young Down the Wire; The Rural Alberta Advantage Edmonton.