Snapshots from Detroit

A long hiatus, I realize, but I’m back with a few thoughts from last night’s game.

1. First of all, I had the privilege of watching the game broadcast by FSD and it was by far the worst television quality I have seen, It brought to mind watching any Sabres game at the Aud in the 80’s where everything looks smoky or when the Isles played at the Coliseum it looked like half the lights were out. No wonder Americans have trouble following the puck on T.V. I respect the fact that FSD was using vintage cameras that filmed the footage at Omaha and Utah beach on D-Day, but c’mon , that was bush league at best. The NHL should be embarrassed that their product was broadcast in such a manner. It’s like having Kobe beef served out of a urinal at a Vanier gambling den.

2. Brian Elliott. I can’t figure this guy out. He looks good. He looks great sometimes, but why oh why does that boy constantly insist on going down so early. He needs to think more about staying on his feet and less about imitating a girl a grade 9 dance in Buffalo. I don’t trust this guy to make the big saves when needed. He does what he can do, but lets just say I’m really hoping Pascal can regain his old form against the Isles – assuming he gets the start. And that way, I won’t have to watch Elliott dropping faster than a French boarder guard when a German passport is shown.

3. Great game by “Pistol” Peter Regin who is looking like he’s finally figured things out. He looks great playing with Kovalev and I think this kid is the second line centre that we’ve long awaited for. He’s strong on the puck, understands the importance of going to the net hard and goes into the corners like a bat out of hell. He’s a keeper.

4. Nice first NHL game by Derek Smith. Made very few errors and didn’t really look out of place at all. I’ve heard a few knocks about the quality of d-men down in Bingo but he stepped right in and didn’t hurt the team. Nice to see the Sens back to a good depth position where they can bring up players of his calibre and not miss a beat. Speaking of which, Brian Lee needed to have a better game than he had last night if he wants to stick around (again).  You could just tell he was trying to do too much on the ice and with the emergence of Karlsson, he just looks bland this time around. Too many bad passes and hurried decisions for my liking. Here’ hoping things go better for Brian tonight.

5. Matt Cullen. Where was this guy all night? And no, I’m not referring to fact I could barely make out the jersey numbers on the television. Is it bad that I notice Cheechoo on the ice more than I did Cullen last night? And remember, I think Jonathan Cheechoo’s skill set is perfect for someone who works at Arby’s. I guess everyone was a little off last night. I can only assume everyone was partying a lot this weekend after Picard and Cheech were sent packing. Let’s hope this is no Arnason pt II.

6. Sometimes it looks like Alfie is the only one out there on the ice who really gets it. This is no ground breaking news, but he’s just the most consistent Senator in our short history. Game in, game out, the guy competes at a level that would make Pete Rose blush. This is why he is The Legend.

7. Why were the Senators unable to do anything smart when transitioning into the Detroit zone? They just seemed so confused every time they got near the blue line and someone, take your pick, would cough up a puck and Detroit would break out. Looked like Jason Spezza circa 2005 was giving everyone blue line pointers last night.

8. The Senators physical game was non existent last night. They looked like they were trying to play Detroit’s game instead of some good ol’ Cory Clouston smashmouth hockey. The Sens played like Kings of Leon last night; without inspiration, without purpose and without skill. We got burned by a team who simply wanted the win more than we did. How does a team go from being able to go toe to toe with Washington to getting burned by a bunch of old balls Detroit players. Man the Sens could not keep up with the puck.

9. Just ordered the NHL live game thing off Turns out I couldn’t watch last nights game because it was a nationally televised broadcast. Are you kidding me? For $30 a month I’m not allowed to watch a CBC feed online and I have to watch it on my traditional T.V. instead? I don’t get it. I don’t understand it, I’m still watching (and paying for) the same broadcast just through a different medium. Nice try NHL, but you came up short again.  At least I get to watch the game tonight.

10. Can someone please tell Don Cherry that having a fake tan is fine and all, but you should make sure the colour of your face matches your hands. He looks like a snowbird that wears mittens on the beach. Funny thing is, I never thought that there could be anything uglier than what comes out of his dinosaur mouth. Guess I was wrong.


1. Binghamton Senators Patrick Eaves Jersey (his wife was wearing a Volchenkov black Sens jersey with the gold trim). Awesome.
2. Gordie Howe #9 Canada Jersey.
3. Two goths wearing the old black Sens jerseys with the gold trim. Names were present on the back but they were wearing backpacks with little stuffed animal key chains all over them and could not see the names. I will continue to look into this.
4. Teemu Selanne Winnipeg Jets jersey. This man had a hot wife, I bet he wore this on the first date and she’s been in love ever since.
5. Eric Lindros number 88 Team Canada jersey. I almost threw beer at him.