Feeling Charitable


Like ripping off a band-aid, tomorrow has the opportunity to open up old wounds. If you are wondering what I’m  talking about, tomorrow is the Direct Energy sponsored Jason Spezza Celebrity Classic that takes place at Clublink’s GreyHawk Golf Club. While the tournament annually raises money for the Ottawa Senators Foundation in support of Roger’s House, the event will also allow the local media to have access to Ottawa’s first line center for the first time since his no-trade clause kicked in at midnight on July 1st.

It’s a good thing that Spezza’s well versed in deflecting questions with laughter. Considering how the weeks leading up to July 1st have unfolded, tomorrow has an opportunity to be get awkward and reintroduce us to questions that we, as fans, had begun to repress. Is Jason happy here? Did he really ask for a trade? Is he angry with the way that Bryan Murray and management divulged information from his exit interview? Will Jason be able to trust the media? Is he going to re-evaluate how he’s going to handle his relationship with them? If his displeasure with their treatment of him continues (Ed. note: And the fans’ treatment as well.) , will it eventually lead him to publically announce that he wants out?

Whether or not the ongoing relationship between the Senators’ first line center and the local media will receive more fan attention than Mike and Carrie Fisher remainds to be seen. However, there’s no disputing that it’s going to be one of the more intriguing sub-plots to follow as the season unfolds.

Starting tomorrow, the circus is in…


Nick Foligno has signed a two-year contract extension. Allegedly.

Hockey’s Future has published their review of Ottawa’s 2010 Entry Draft. Even though Ottawa only had five selections in this year’s draft, the write up for each draft pick is relatively lengthy. If you’re interested, you can check it out here.