Meet John Stevenson & New Podcast

Meet John Stevenson. He’s the new goaltending consultant who spent his first day working with Pascal Leclaire and Brian Elliott at practice today. According to the Ottawa Citizen, Stevenson’s currently employed by the Saskatoon Blades, however, because of his strong relationship and previous work experience with Cory Clouston and assistant Brad Lauer, he’s been afforded the opportunity to work on a trial basis. (Ed. note: Good news fans. It seems as though the Senators have learned their lesson and will not officially hire a goaltending consultant strictly because of his friendships within an organization. He actually has to earn the job. I like it. The team is learning from their mistakes.)
If you haven’t noticed, Stevenson’s an opportunist who waited until the team’s winning streak was over before making today’s appearance. Apparently he’s been working with the Binghamton goaltenders prior to arriving in Ottawa and from what I’ve read, he has already made a favorable impression on Ottawa’s goaltenders by doing his due diligence and showing up to practice bearing gifts — a hot/cold pack and a horseshoe for Leclaire.
The 6th Sens Podcast
After a busy weekend, I finally had the time to edit and upload the latest episode of The 6th Sens podcast. We were supposed to have a League executive on this week’s episode but unfortunately, our scheduled guest was stuck in an organizational meeting and couldn’t lend us some time. However, I think Tim makes up for it by realizing that he can record soundbytes off of YouTube and include them in the podcast recording. As always, you can subscribe/download/stream the episode or entire catalogue of episodes from Itunes. Or you can download the file by right-clicking and saving this file. Or you can simply stream the episode below. Hope you guys enjoy it.
Episode Tracklist: Rival Schools Good Things; Flight of the Conchords I Told You I Was Freaky; Gun Club For The Love of Ivy.