The Glass Is Half Full

When Mitel CEO Don Smith was named as the 2010 Ottawa Business Journal’s CEO of the year last week (Nov. 2nd), he remarked about how there is still a tendency for Ottawa business observers to see the glass as half-empty.

“We should celebrate our business achievements and feel good about it.”

Smith’s comments are reflective of a mindset that affects the city in its entirety. From its businessmen/women to its sports fans, Ottawa has maintained its reputation as a city that only supports entities when they’re winning or it’s the in-thing to do.

Admittedly, when it comes to the Senators, I haven’t exactly been one to tow the company line and talk about how easy it is to get excited about the current state of the on-ice product. It is this kind of rambling that caused one reader in particular to spend 57 minutes and 30 seconds browsing the website before finally abhorring my behaviour in a few comment threads – declaring me as a disgrace to Senators fans everywhere.

I have gone on the record a few times stating that I’m already looking forward to the 2011 offseason when Bryan Murray’s contract is up and $15-million in cap space will be created on July 1st. Yet, despite these interesting offseason developments that should generate some genuine buzz in this city, I find myself asking questions like: When is the last time a team significantly improved their team without hamstringing their budget for the foreseeable future? Why would an upper echelon player want to sign in a cold climate, hockey-starved city where media members ask Daniel Alfredsson whether or not he’d be open to a trade? When will the Senators start targeting young players who are entering their primes instead of these old veterans who have already peaked? What if management cannot lure the top free agent talent here? Do we have to settle for some Plan-B’s, like Kovalev was two offseasons ago?

Whatever the scenario, it’s almost like there’s this polarizing dynamic with this team. As Jeremy Milks wrote in a well-written piece for Senators Extra, the only solution to fan disquiet seems to be winning hockey, but with this Senators team aging quickly and lacking bona fide forward prospects for the future, will locals still find the urge to open their wallets and their hearts for a team that will likely be fighting for a playoff spot for a handful of years?

Wherever you may want to place the blame, fans haven’t been lining up with the same level of enthusiasm to pay for tickets. Take the marquee game against the San Jose Sharks for example. Individual game tickets went on sale Saturday morning at 10 am and even with the enticement of a vitriolic atmosphere for Dany Heatley’s return to the nation’s capital, I was still able to buy a block of 8 tickets late on Sunday night. As far as I know, the game hasn’t sold out yet. Come on Sens fans, scoop up those remaining tickets and tell them that Sens Chirp referred you!

Now that the game is less than a month away, it may be a good time to start rallying the Sens Army for ideas on how to rip Dany Heatley properly. (Especially when you consider that the trade return for him has been reduced to a banged up Milan Michalek, a bought out Jonathan Cheechoo and an Andy Sutton rental.) To help fuel some discussion in the comment thread, maybe we can create a list of good Heatley quips that can be used on signage at his return.

Pierre McGuire Jesus Takes the Wheel Contest:

On Saturday morning, I announced that The 6th Sens would be featuring a contest to give away two pairs of tickets to Tuesday night’s game against the Atlanta Thrashers. Here’s the historical moment that inspired its creation:








The contest was simple. To create a PhotoShop, MS Paint or even a hand-drawn picture that depicted Pierre McGuire riding shotgun in a car driven by Jesus. Here are the two contest winners:

by Scott



by Lewy

Thanks for all of the submissions and congrats to these two for winning. In the future, I’d like to encourage all readers to send in emails, PhotoShopped images, stories, opinions and jokes.

Ottawa Magazine:

Thanks to Ottawa Magazine and its staff for featuring The 6th Sens in its November issue. It’s available on newsstands today. I think there’s even a featured glamour shot of me in the print version. So pick it up!