The 6th Sens Podcast – Episode 42: Featuring Jonah Keri (@jonahkeri)

On the same day that I received The Extra 2% as a belated birthday gift from my girlfriend, I had never been so conflicted. On one hand, she had picked up a book that I had asked for. And on the other, she later expressed how neat it was that The Tea Party, a shitty Canadian prog-rock band, might be reuniting. While I’ll keep bugging her about some of her musical tastes, I have to admit, The Extra 2% is a pretty damned good read.

Authored by Jonah Keri, a Montreal born sportswriter who has written for FanGraphs, Baseball Prospectus, Bloomberg Sports, SI and ESPN, The Extra 2% is a New York Times bestseller that examines how the Tampa Bay Rays’ infrastructure adopted Wall Street practices and philosophies and used them to operate their franchise. The result was a dramatic turnaround that saw the small market Rays make the ascent up the AL East standings and prevail over the Yankees and Red Sox in two of the past three seasons.

While reading Keri’s book, there were a number of instances when I paused for reflection and drew parallels to the situation here with the Ottawa Senators. Too often I asked questions like, “I wonder if the are the Senators doing this?” or “Why aren’t the Senators doing this?”. The parallels that can be drawn and discussed when reading this book are countless.

Joining us on the podcast this week is Jonah Keri and with Tim, we discuss Jonah’s book and some of these parallels. We also talk about the Montreal Canadiens, the introduction of sabermetrics in hockey and running long distances to catch the beginning of a drum solo. Thanks again to Jonah for coming on the podcast, we had a blast having you on.

For any of you who are a baseball fans or who love analysing the business and player personnel aspect of sports, you’re going to enjoy reading this book. I highly recommend it. You can read more about Jonah and listen to his podcasts on his website. You can also follow Jonah on Twitter at @jonahkeri and you can order The Extra 2% from Amazon and Chapters. The Extra 2% is also available as an E-book via Kindle, Nook, or iBook.

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Tracklist: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists Last Days; The Teenagers The Streets of Paris; and The Idle Hands Socialite Death Squad.