From Mustache Rides to Bus Rides: Daugavins on Waivers


Umm, yeah. That happened.

Kaspars Daugavins, a key component to last year’s Calder Cup winning Binghamton Senators, was placed on waivers this afternoon for the purpose of re-assignment to Binghamton. Armed with a litany of third and fourth line players on one-way contracts, it’s fair to say that there wasn’t much room (if any) for the ‘Dogman’ to crack the Senators lineup.

As Steve Lloyd alluded to on Twitter, the 23-year Latvian had a relatively good camp and it will be interesting to see whether any other teams noticed and will put in a claim. (They won’t.) That being said, Daugavins did make a favourable impression and he’ll likely be in the conversation for one of the first emergency recalls should an injury or two befall one of Ottawa’s regulars.

For those questioning why he could not qualify for a waiver exemption, here’s the explanation.

Having signed his first professional contract on June 1st, 2007, the Dogman’s first professional season didn’t actually occur until the 2008-09 season. According to Capgeek, since the calendar year on June 30 preceding the first season of his first NHL contract was 2008, he was only exempt until one of two thresholds was met: three years had to pass or he had to play in more than 160 games. Since that timeframe has passed, Daugavins no longer qualifies.

The rest of the team’s cuts will be formally announced tomorrow.