A Drunk Rant Edition of The 6th Sens Mailbag


So it’s been awhile since we’ve published one of these but Ben from Omaha sent us a drunk rant that’s worthy of a post itself. I highly encourage everyone to send us emails/tweets/comments whenever the opportunity presents itself.

I have posted Ben’s email below in its entirety but have broken it up a bit to input my own comments (which will be in bold). Here we go…

Hey guys, I’m wanting to ask a question about defense. There is so much talk about drafting an offensive player this year at least it seems to be from what i get from you guys.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that this is the case. When talking with Sam Cosentino on Episode 43 of The 6th Sens Podcast, I explicitly said that I was intrigued at the possibility of moving the Nashville pick up to draft a physical defensive defenceman and mentioned Duncan Siemens as an example. I think most of the intrigue around selecting some gifted and toolsy offensive talent is because the organization has a slew of forward depth that projects as third or fourth line guys. Sure, maybe one or two of the prospects in Ottawa’s current collection of prospects can pan out and develop into first or second line player — names like Butler, Silfverberg and Peterssen stand out — but there are no assurances and there isn’t as much pedigree.

My thoughts are that defense is always disrespected  by our organization. we have let go of Chara over Redden we let go of Meszaros we let Volchenckov go. should we maybe draft defensive players? Karlsson really isnt that good when you look at his numbers, i mean he had a productive year offensively on a bad team. He is small and weak on the puck, i think Brian Lee is stronger on the puck than he is and that does not say alot. he can move the puck I cannot deny that but he also had numerous turnovers that were horrible. I have grown up playing soccer here in Omaha under the mentality that offense wins games but defense ins championships and as much as i try to disagree with that, i cant dent that it is true. bottom line; is this something we should be looking at or do you think that offense is what we need.

Was defence disrespected by the Senators organization? I don’t think so. Did they make some heinously egregious player personnel decisions and err in their asset manegement? You fucking bet.

Did the organization’s mistreatment of Marian Hossa cause Chara to think twice about re-signing? Or was it the local media’s perception that Chara’s broken wrist and poor play against a smaller and faster Buffalo Sabres meant that he wasn’t built for the obstructionless “new NHL” that pressured the team into retaining Redden – a valuable member of the community – instead? Or maybe as Jason York once insinuated, Chara simply looked at the likes of Alfie, Fisher, Phillips and Redden and saw obstacles that blocked his desire to take on a bigger leadership role?

Meh. (Don’t get me wrong. It. Fucking. Sucked.) It was probably a combination of all three factors but ultimately, I’ve moved on. Every Sens fan should get over this already. I’d even argue that the Andrej Meszaros mishandling was perhaps a bigger kick in the nuts than the Chara decision because the organization failed to maximize on his value. As one of the youngest players on a Senators team that had been a perennial playoff contender, Tampa overvalued his worth and was threatening to offer sheet Meszaros. As such, one would have assumed that Tampa Bay’s own first round pick would have been the centerpiece of any trade negotiations. However, Ottawa’s management team talked itself into taking the lesser of Tampa’s first round picks (the acquired San Jose first rounder that projected as a late pick) if it meant that the team could receive NHL-ready talent in Filip Kuba and Alexandre Picard.

The decision to let Volchenkov go made sense after the cost/benefit analysis was done. With a ton of mileage on his body, it wasn’t prudent to give max dollars and term to a defensive shot-blocking defenceman who couldn’t move the puck. But naturally, the Senators organization overlooked the same criteria before signing Chris Phillips – an older player with more mileage. Was it a hypocritical move designed to keep a career Senator player and good community guy in the fold? That’s for you to decide.

I think what we’ve seen is a philisophical shift in how the Senators value their defencemen. Judging by the signings, trades and drafts, it’s somewhat obvious that management values puck possession and a quick transition game that starts with puck movement from the back end.

also i still cannot login to this fuckin website. i love the website and podcast but the iphone app is pretty weak.

My apologies…

let me know what you think is the best draft pick we can have.

The first overall pick. No one remembers number two.

living where i live i dont get the news you do but i see every game and sometimes my thoughts are completely different than yours the biggest is Nick Folingo, i think that we need to keep him and work with him he to me is easily a 2nd line center depending who is in  front of him.

Maybe you’re right. Maybe he could turn into a second line player. Personally, I think the odds are against him and it’d be smarter to parlay him (in a package that nets a player who has more offensive upside) while people, like yourself, still think that he has that second line potential.

oh yeah im also a little drunk listeing to the most recent podcast typing dont diss the misspellings you dirty motherfuckers!

Thanks for plugging the podcast. Do we sound better when you’re drunk?

In refrence to college hocket here in the states there are 2 players on Bemidji state that i would love to have on the Senators, Jamie Macqueen and Matt Read, i dont know if you will any access to check them out but i saw them play many time this season and they are solid, the both have awesome hands and can skate very well, offensivly they, to me woulf be better than Butler.

I’m unfamiliar with either player but if any NHL team signs either player, I urge you to email back and I will give you due credit. But better than Butler? I doubt it. Even if they were better hockey players, they couldn’t be better than Butler on the principle that neither have Butler’s awesome Mayor Quimby’esque Massachusetts accent.

Again guys let me know what you think because living in Omaha and being a huge fan of the Sens I go off what i see in games and the internet and you and we seem to have headds and tails on opinions sometimes these are some points that I would like you to tell me your thoughts on. last thing; i dont care if it is a re-building year i want the cup every year.

Contention in sports is cyclical. Accept it and you’ll be better for it.

Sorry last thing, i was watching the Vancouver Sharks series and couldnt help but wonder what if….. what if Dany Heatly came back. would he? would he be accepted? would he?  and if he did do you think he would pay back the Euge the bonus he got by holding out. just thoughts?

Dany can’t bring himself to shave his terrible hair. I doubt he could bring himself to come back and play in Ottawa. (Especially now that he’s in a comfortable warm-weather locale where he can play in relative anonymity.) In regards to the Euge’s bonus, I think a user on Hfboards or Hfbroads put it best (and I’m paraphrasing here), “To pay Heatley’s bonus, Eugene should have emptied a dump-truck filled with pennies onto his Kelowna lawn.”