Friday Morning News & Notes


So Ottawa was able to spueak out a win in their final preseason game last night at Boston, despite being doubled up on the shot clock; 40-20. Craig Anderson played the full 60 minutes, looking very much like the goaltender who was lights out down the stretch in securing 26th place. I’d heard Justin Goldman from the Goalie Guild remark in the past that Anderson thrives the more shots he faces, a quick examination of his record confirmed that insight. Anderson is 20-10-2 when facing 40+ shots (.656W%) and 78-96-2 when facing fewer (.448W%). A strange feature indeed. Graeme had an excellent post yesterday detailing the strong and weak links in the defense, which portend to continue to serve up ample shots against night in night out. A fact Anderson strangely might be quite content to live with.

Milan’s Medical History

Like a lot of teams the the Senators have their own in-house media department. On the print end is Rob Brodie who usually puts up two or three stories a day on I read them regularly, his stories always have plenty of great quotes you won’t see anywhere else. But this Milan Michalek piece published on Wednesday seemed a tad misleading by what it omitted (emphasis mine):

Michalek racked up more than 20 goals and 55 points in three of his four seasons with the San Jose Sharks, the team that made him the sixth overall pack of the talent-rich 2003 NHL Entry Draft. In 2006-07, he totalled 26 goals and 66 points, offering a hint of what might be to come.

But the 26-year-old left-winger surely wasn’t counting on the injuries that would hamper him during his time in Ottawa. After a hot start in 2009-10, Michalek’s season was cut short by a left knee injury that would required surgery to repair a torn ACL. The recovery lingered into the 2010-11 campaign, with Michalek sitting out four games at the beginning of November when it flared up.

Despite everything he’s endured in Ottawa to date, Michalek doesn’t feel snakebitten by the injury bug. Then again, this is a guy who missed a combined 13 games in his first four National Hockey League seasons with the Sharks. He surpassed the number in his first year alone in Ottawa, playing just 66 games — the same number he suited up for last season.

I suspect the takeway “Joe Fan” would draw here is –  Ottawa traded for player as strong as an ox, who upon lacing em up for the Senators was inexplicably taken down by the most unforeseeable series of injuries. What Brodie omits is that Michalek had torn his ACL on three seperate occasions in San Jose, all requiring surgery. Editor must of chopped that part out.

Sportsnet Drops The Ball

The Kings and Drew Doughty finally ended up agreeing to a deal last night; 56M over 8 years (7M per cap hit). Fair deal for both sides in my opinion. The really unfortunate thing is this staid underwhelming headline ran with…

“DEAL REACHED” ??? That’s the best you could come up with?!?!

Weber’s contract award by comparison spawned this awful masterpiece…

No contest in my eyes. I trust a few heads will roll after this debacle.