Alexei Kovalev’s Struggle to Remain Relevant



It’s been a few weeks since Alexei Kovalev felt compelled to slight the Ottawa sports media and throw Cory Clouston under the bus. And in return, the local media guys and Clouston each had their turn to put their two cents in.

And you thought it’d be over?

Well, you thought wrong. In a contrast from last preseason’s tilt with Francois Beauchemin, apparently AK27 has to get the last lick in. Here’s the latest from Puck Daddy’s Russian correspondent Dmitri Chesnokov (@dchesnokov):

Alexei Kovalev on the Canadian media reaction to his words re: beer and not watching hockey: “It means I was right. Otherwise they wouldn’t have reacted the way they did. ” via


“The Montreal media is more experienced [than Ottawa]; hockey has been there longer, people there understand hockey… If they criticize, they do it for cause. And it Ottawa they criticize regardless of how you play.”

Oh it only seems like just yesterday when the Montreal media was espousing their hypothesis that Kovalev’s play tapers off when Koivu is in the lineup and Kovalev was critical of the Montreal media for having “a competition between each other and try to twist words, who twisted words better.”

Bryan Murray Talks Technology

Adrian Dater’s Sports Illustrated article that discusses how technology has affected the camaraderie amongst NHL teammates features an interesting quote from Bryan Murray:

“There are times I get frustrated, as an older manager,” said Ottawa Senators GM Bryan Murray, 68. “You get on the bus after a game and look back, and all you see are guys on their cellphones. Whether they’re calling their agent or a guy on another team, I don’t know. It may be to their wife, but more than likely to somebody else. Sometimes it’s about getting too much ice time, but most of the time it’s about not getting enough ice time or some other issue.”