Mailbag – Alfie Edition


It figures that shortly after I publish the Nabokov piece, Hockeybuzz’s Eklund throws some excrement at the wall in hopes that it sticks. In his most recent article, the anonymous rumo(u)r monger suggested that: the Sens may be considering an offer for Daniel Alfredsson. The offer is rumored to be coming from a Western contender.

Alfie’s the latest Senators player to have his name bandied about in rumours and although Eklund’s track record is less than Peter Regin’s shooting percentage, I’m curious to hear what my readers have to say regarding the possibility that Alfie could be amenable to a trade. So email the6thsens at live dot com and let us know what your thoughts are regarding Alfie.

Would you be bothered by a trade? Would you be okay with Alfie wanting a chance to play for a Cup? Do you want some draft picks and prospects? Would you look at players like Ray Bourque and say if guys like that can be dealt, so can Alfie?

Let us know how you feel and with the emails that are received, we’ll publish them on the website.