Melnyk on The Fan 590

Transcribed from today’s Eugene Melnyk appearance on the Fan 590 (note: to listen to the full interview, click here):

Q: What kind of an offseason do you expect in Ottawa Eugene? How long of a process do you see this rebuild taking?

A: “Well it’s interesting. When I made up my mind, I was looking at a three or four year process. And all of a sudden you see these young kids stepping up. I gotta stop calling them kids… these young adults start stepping up the way they have. Starting to beat up on teams that are supposed to be unbeatable. Winning streaks… You know, where is this all coming from? And Bryan (Murray) was very confident when we first made the decision. He says, “Eugene, don’t think is a three or four year process. Tihis could be a year or two. We could be competitive next year but the year after that, if some of the guys step up and we get the goaltending we need, we could be there in two years… maybe three tops. It’s not bad! If I knew that in the beginning, I would have made the decision a long time ago. (laughter)”

You know who’s not laughing?


I will now defer to what a wise man once said, (ahem) I think they should plan the parade for next summer. Eugene will be the man of the year. And . . .haven’t his predictions always delivered?

2012 All-Star Game Note:

Although Cyril Leeder mentioned as much in an appearance on the Team 1200′s Healthy Scratches program a few weeks ago, NHL executive Brendan Shanahan has all but confirmed that the All-Star Draft will make an appearance during next year’s festivities in Ottawa.

Per the Fan 590:

“I’ve talked to the players’ association and a lot of the players that played in it, and everybody enjoyed it. I think we’ll make some tweaks, but I don’t think we’ll make major changes.”