Friday Afternoon Tweetbag

It’s Friday afternoon and I wasn’t feeling inspired enough to write a full blown post about some of tangible importance… so here are my answers to questions that were posed to us by our Twitter followers. If you’re not following us on Twitter, man up and jump on the bandwagon (@6thSens). Tim, Scott and I all have our own personal Twitter accounts too. You can follow us at: @TimPuckDrunk, @Wham_City and @GraemeNichols

Now on to the questions…

From @democriticus

Which is better long term for the team: Finish as high as possible – playoffs (development) or finish 30th for the pick?

Sounds like someone is getting caught up in the Senators’ recent 4-game winning streak…

As fun as it’s been watching Ottawa string together some wins in dramatic fashion, it’s easy to forget that the combined record of the teams that the Senators have beat is 15-23-3. In other words, it’s too early in the season to get caught up in such a small sample of games against some underwhelming opposition.

You do however raise a valid point concerning the importance of playoff experience for a team’s young players; I’m just not convinced that the time is now for the Senators. Even though The Euge has gone on record and said that he’ll open up the purse strings and allow management to take on salary if it feels compelled to make a playoff push, I just don’t think it’s in the organization’s best long-term interests to trade assets for rentals or other short-term solutions that could take ice and development time away from its young players.

But again, it’s still too early to get caught up in the team’s .500 record – especially since management will eventually (hopefully?) get around to trading its expendable veteran talent to supplement the rebuild and two of the team’s most important cogs for the future – Lehner and Zibanejad – won’t be part of it.

If we’re talking about what’s in the best interests of the rebuild, I’m of the opinion that it is best that the team is some more high-end skill and the only way to acquire that these days is through the draft or via trade. So yes, if given the choice between receiving the 30th overall pick or finishing as high as possible this season, I’ll take the former.

@tsnfan asks:

How/When does Filatov get back into the OTT lineup, and who does he replace in a top 6 role?

If I was a betting man, I’d wager on Filatov being back before Christmas. The only reason why I think it’ll take this long is because another potential obstacle, Bobby Butler, is close to returning from injury.

Who would he replace?

Colin Greening and Milan Michalek are entrenched on the first line with Jason Spezza. Stephane Da Costa’s been handed the second liner center gig alongside Alfie, so that leaves Nick Foligno as the guy who could potentially see his role reduced.

PMcGuire thinks it’ll take a 1st and a prospect/veteran to get Turris out of PHX, do you do that deal? If not, what do you offer?

Hells no. Given the team’s low expectations, Ottawa giving up a 1st round pick just doesn’t make savvy asset management sense. If I had to develop a trade package, I’d offer Phoenix a list featuring names like Butler, Da Costa, Foligno, Lee, Regin and a conditional draft pick and give them a choice of one or two of the assets.

From @gliterfaery:

Who gets traded first to make room on d or with forwards, once Carkner is back in?

Considering that they’re impending UFAs at the end of the season and might not have a spot on this roster beyond this season, my money would be on Filip Kuba or Matt Carkner himself. Of course, these trade scenarios could only occur if trade markets actually developed for either of these players so…

@Brochenski asks:

Do you think Cowen could be sent down once Carkner recovers? Same for Da Costa/Regin?

…Yes, unfortunately for a Cowen or a Rundblad, their two-way contract statuses gives the organization the flexibility to manipulate the roster and avoid having to make room for Carkner by trading a veteran player at below market value.

It’d be reminisicent of the way in which the organization has handled Brian Lee at times and it seems like the most likely scenario.