Everybody Loves “Ottawa Rush”

First impressions aren't everything right?
Clearly OSEG is lacking vision if "Rush" is "worthy of consideration". I can understand wanting to keep red/black/white as the colour scheme, but this notion the name has to start with an "R" seems really limiting, which is why something as banal as "Rush" is likely to be the name. Is it too much to ask for a name that's an actual thing, that's plural, preferably that the Ottawa populace can identify with?
I suggest taking a cue from what New Orleans did last week, announcing a switch of their name from Hornets to Pelicans. In an excellent piece at Deadspin titled "Fuck You, Pelicans Are Awesome: A Defense Of The NBA"s Best New Team Name", Barry Petchesky detailed the pitfalls professional teams have succumb to of late:

"Most of the criticism of the New Orleans Pelicans name is that it's not fearsome enough. We've established how bullshit that is, but you get the sense these bellyachers would have been happy with a more traditional predatory animal. Well, that's how pro sports team got into the mess they're in today.

The truly classic names aren't aggressive—Yankees, Packers, Browns, Maple Leafs—and yet they'd never get past the first public Facebook vote today. Not edgy enough. For the last couple decades, franchises have just been picking whatever deadly local animal springs to mind. And so we've ended up with "cool-sounding" names like the Timberwolves, Grizzlies, Diamondbacks, and Devil Rays, which sound like they ought to be Arena Football teams. Barring that, the default has been the predatory cat, and just in the last 20 years, we have the Jaguars, Bobcats, two different Panthers, and the oh-so-imaginative Predators, whose logo is a saber-toothed tiger.

The Pelicans are here to assure you that your mascot can have a killer instinct and local significance without appealing to a fourth-grader's sensibilities."

With David Roth at Vice offering this rejoinder:

"The decade-long proliferation of implied plurals appears to have abated, which is nice,"

There is no need for Ottawa to join the likes of Magic, Heat, Wild.

Think harder Mr. Hunt.