Melnyk Thinks The Sens Are Ottawa’s #2 Employer

In a Wednesday appearance on PTS in which he generally tried to say nothing about the lockout (but may still have incurred a fine), Melnyk and Damien Cox had this exchange:

Cox: Do you have a team policy in terms of your employees during this – that you’re going to layoff, not layoff at a certain point? What’s your policy?

Melnyk: Yeah, we have a set policy that was put in place a long time ago. We did let go, it was very public, so it’s not something I’m saying out of turn, a substantial amount of people. Behind the feds (federal government), we’re the second largest employer in Ottawa, period. We’re huge. Yeah, we’re huge. It does make a difference to a lot of people and we had to put a plan in place that would reflect that. It’s sad. These are real people looking for real jobs so we’re cognizant of that. We’re trying to do our best; that’s the best that we can do.”


I'm aware this is what Eugene does on PTS — exaggerate a tad. Boasting of Bobby Butler as an "elite player" was particularily memorable. Still, this one seems cosmically wrong.

In September, the Ottawa Business Journal had a story about the organization's layoffs, which stated prior to cuts, the Senators had 170 employees.

So if we were to graph that…

Now if this is accurate it might be time to shutter Ottawa completely.

But let's double check first — are there any non-federal employers in Ottawa with more than 170 staff?

– City of Ottawa employs 15,000
– IBM employs 4,000
– Bell employs 4,000
– Commissonaires employs 3,850
– Alcatel-Lucent employs 2,300
– QNX employs 2,000
– MBNA employs 1,700
– Boeing employs 1,680
– Ciena Corp employs 1,300
– NAV Canada employs 1,270
– General Dynamics employs 1,050
– CGI employs 1,000

You can add Tim Hortons and a good many others to that list as well.