Ottawa’s Lowest Prospect Grade is “Don’t Want”


Reads like Bart Scott wrote that one.

That adorably blunt detail is contained in this twopart series Garrioch had over the weekend, embedding on the road with Pierre Dorion. The highlight for my money is the inclusion of Dorion's scouting report on Karlsson from the '08 U-18's in Kazan, Russia (a portion of which is quoted below):

"He carries the puck up the ice a lot and has great poise with it; good passer (crisp and saucer); will penetrate offensive zone as a defenceman; great on the blue line with the man advantage, controls power play from the top; good hard shot that he gets to the net, can overpower a goalie when he slips to the top of the circle, but it's not something that he does a lot as he stays mostly up top with the national team.

He has good defensive instincts, likes to step up on opposing puck carrier and cut angles down against the rush; alert in his own end, strong for his smaller stature and good hockey strength. He doesn't have the biggest range but he's active, (I) like his approach and his tools to be a good offensive defenceman."

The whole thing is a solid read, peeling back the curtain on the day-to-day life of a scout. And if you're looking for more understanding of Dorion's player evaluation process, he guested on the podcast just prior to the 2010 draft.