The 6th Sens Podcast: Episode 58: ft @thegoalieguild and @sensreporter

As mentioned in an earlier article today, on Sunday night @creecher1200 and I jumped back into the studios to record another podcast episode. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to upload the podcast until now because of some technical issues that arose when the website switched to a new server this weekend.

Joining us on this episode of the podcast was the man behind the The Goalie Guild, Justin Goldman and the Ottawa Citizen‘s new sports editor, James Gordon. With Justin, we discussed the acquisition of Ben Bishop and the effects that it will have on Ottawa’s goaltending situation moving forward. Speaking of the future, Justin encourages everyone to check out a Youtube of 2013 draft eligible Thomas Narmo – a 6’9″ goaltender from Norway. The 80’s music that accompanies is worth the watch alone.

And with James being in Winnipeg for last night’s Jets game, we talked about it being a must-win situation for both teams. Afterwards, we delve into the comments made by The Euge in an exclusive interview with James that was featured on Senators Extra. (Note: you can read some extra comments that were too lengthy for James’ interview here.)

If you’re not already, I highly recommend following each the aforementioned guys — @thegoalieguild and @sensreporter — on Twitter and check out their work.

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Here is the tracklist for the show: Podcast tracklist: Frankie Goes to Hollwood Relax; Bad Sports Teenage Girls; The Wedding Present You Jane; Turf War Summertime Booze; Cloud Nothings Stay Useless; Howler Back of Your Neck.