Robin Lehner Trolls Ray Emery’s Girl

For the unawares, Keshia Chante is Ray Emery's squeeze and the tweet she directed at Robin Lehner was in response to Lehner's comments to the media regarding Emery's beatdown of Washington Capitals goalie Braden Holtby. 

Via SenatorsExtra:

“I think it’s a great call, I think (a suspension) is a good decision,” Lehner said Tuesday morning. “It’s one thing, stepping up and man to man fight. That’s what a lot of players do (if) both players want to fight and both drop (the gloves). Somebody makes a hit and they want them to kind of stand up for what they did.

“Maybe it’s not my business, but watching what happened to Holtby is disgusting. He didn’t want to (fight). He wasn’t capable of it, but (Emery) pounded him and he kept pounding him and (Holtby) didn’t want to. He got his glove off to protect himself.”


“You know, it’s the same in society,” he said. “Something happens, a fight, whatever, and it’s both of them, yes…but if I decide to jump you…then (I) get charged, (I) get charged with assault. There’s a line. You don’t just jump somebody who can’t defend themselves, I don’t think.

“I think a suspension rule is a good thing.”

It's too bad Lehner went out as the ogre Shrek for Hallowe'en. It would have been more fitting if he dressed up like a troll.

The legend of Lehner grows.


Apparently the tweet has been deleted, but thanks to the luxury of screen captures, you can see the tweet below: 

What does Keshia Chante have against Swedes? What a xenophobe.  


Greater than Keshia's grammar? 

Yes, doing it on behalf on your boyfriend via Twitter and embarrassing yourself in the process is a much better route. Seriously, as I joked on Twitter, the only way this story could get better was if it was Emery using Keshia Chante's phone to tweet these comments out himself. 

She continued on by telling Jason Brough how to do his job, before tweeting out the following: 

This apology like many of her other tweets has subsequently been deleted which prompted the astute Eric Macramalla to point out the following: 

So how does Robin Lehner handle all of this attention?


And this just in… 

Good on her for finally taking the high road and apologizing, you know, assuming the tweet was real and all.