Senators Panic Power Rankings: October

(thanks to @bringbacklee for this amazing GIF)

Tired of the Ottawa media misrepresenting what truly bothers you? 

Well, you can now rest assured that those days are over.

We at The 6th Sens are proud to introduce our newest feature: monthly Sens Panic Power Rankings, wherein in each month, we'll unveil our list of the top ten things that worry and bother Sens fans. Want to have a say in what should be listed in the rankings? Email us at and tells us what should be ranked and why and we'll be sure to include it in our next monthly edition. 

Now on to October's rankings: 

10) Should have picked Sean Couturier.

9) Jakub Silfverberg has more points than Bobby Ryan. Man, I liked that guy. 

8) It feels like we’ll be stuck with these home and away jerseys forever.

7) It seems like the only battles Bobby Ryan is winning are the ones on Twitter with Leafs fans (here and here). 

6) Bobby Ryan does kind of look like Scarlett Johansson. Thanks for ruining this for all of us Bobby.

5) Kyle Turris hasn’t posted a photo of his dog on Twitter this week.

4) The Leafs got more national coverage this week.

3) We’ll be stuck with these home and away jerseys forever.

2) We’re over budget. I just found out yesterday.

1) Spezza’s groin injury, which may or may not be a groin injury.