Tuesday News & Notes

Now’s not the time to pani…. OH MY GOD THE SENATORS HAVE LOST FOUR GAMES IN A ROW!!!!

Of course the ensuing outpouring of sensationalistic drivel that flows naturally in any hockey mad city. Sports radio exploits it and in many cases, encourages it. blogs, forums, and Twitter thrive on the discussion and dialogue.

Everyone either wants to know what’s wrong with the Sens or has their suggestion for what has gone oh so terribly wrong these past few games.

Given the current circumstances, all this fretting is laughable.

The Senators have spent significant chunks of this season playing without Jason Spezza, Erik Karlsson, Jared Cowen, Milan Michalek and Craig Anderson. And the team is somehow miraculously in the playoff picture and they have favorable mathematical odds of remaining there. Every out-of-town hockey fan that I meet, they all say the same thing, “I can’t believe where the Senators are in the standings. They’re overachievers.”

No kidding.

When Spezza had back surgery, we all thought last year’s playoff bubble team would be in tough.

Then EK went down and the stages of grief commenced. After some anger, denial and mourning, most of us eventually got over it, but not all.

A few weeks later, Craig Anderson was bowled over in his crease by Chris Kreider and we all questioned whether Scotiabank Place was built on an ancient burial ground.

For the team to be where it currently sits, is a testament to the job that the coaching staff and the players for not rolling over. It goes to show you how much success a team can have with great goaltending, a culture of success, two exceptionally talented bottom lines that can dominate the puck possession game and a collective that works diligently to limit the number of second chances given up. Of course it helps that everyone has bought in and injuries aren't being used as an excuse.

In what should have been a burned year, the organization's essentially playing with house money. This team is not in serious danger of missing the postseason. Currently residing as the sixth seed, for the Senators to slip out of the playoff picture, they would essentially need to finish sub-.500 in their remaining ten games to give teams a chance to catch them. Even then, assuming the Senators did do that, New Jersey (40 pts in 39 GP)  and/or Winnipeg (40 pts in 40 GP) would still need to win seven or more of their remaining games to pass Ottawa.

Everyone just needs to take a deep breath and watch more video of Erik skating.

Everything will be fine.

The Score's Dan Slater shot today's Karlsson skate update. The goalie he's taking shots against is none other than the Senators' team doctor, Dr. Don Chow. I don't want to get my hopes too high, but in looking at the video, the results at this time and stage look encouraging.

Rihanna Wearing an O-logo

Would it be cynical of me to think that the Senators organization paid Rihanna, in advance of her May 2nd concert at Scotiabank Place? Could this be an extension of their marketing strategy that has already seen the PGA Tour card carrying local, Brad Fritsch, wearing the Senators’ logo wherever he goes? Probably. Hell, if the Sens were smart, they would pay to have Chris Brown don a Leafs jersey.

Ah well,  who am I to care if the Senators did or didn’t pay for Rihanna to wear their heritage jersey when I can page-whoringly publish photos of Rihanna wearing the Senators heritage jersey. Let the SEO commence! Woooooooo!


One season ticket holder has converted footage from an old 1995 promo video the Senators sent out to prospective season ticket holders to encourage them to buy tickets. You can watch the video below:

My favorite part is around the 10:30 mark of the video when they do a computer rendering of what the Palladium looks like and what it would be like to walk through. (sticktap to @SensForLife11 on the gif)