Joe Corvo Makes Ottawa Comeback Tour

As per Doni B the Sens have brought back Joe Corvo for his second stint in the nation's capital on a one-year, $900,000 deal. Corvo's 2 years here weren't exactly glamorous as his dumb turnovers and poor defensive play never went unnoticed among fans, and didn't get along well with the media, earning himself the nickname "Uh-Oh" Corvo. He didn't really like it here, asked for a trade, and ended up scoring a hat-trick in his first game against the Sens with Carolina.

That's sports for you right there folks.

The two things I will always remember Corvo for will be when he scored that weird knucklepuck goal in OT vs the Sabres and being a grown man with frost licks when not even boy bands had them anymore.

Corvo's brought himself into the Ottawa spotlight again in February 2012 when Turris hit Corvo and almost made Jack Edwards cry live on TV. Corvo got angry over the hit, and then backed off almost immediately.

To be fair, all that's really important now is whether or not Corvo has anything left, and how he will help the team. After losing Gonchar, the Sens have left a massive hole in their blueline. Gonchar put up 27 points in 45 games last season while playing 24 minutes per night, including over 3.75 minutes on the PP, and over 2 minutes per night on the PK.

Corvo most likely isn't that guy. He was 5th among Carolina D in ES TOI/G, averaged just 43 seconds per night of PK ice-time, and was more of a 2nd PP guy, averaging under 2.5 minutes a night. Even though he scored 6 goals in 40 games last season, given his high shooting percentage it's doubtful that'll he'll match those numbers again next season. Even though he does make the occasional bone-headed decision with the puck, Corvo has had mediocre possession numbers the last few seasons, so at least he won't be a drain possession-wise.

Being a right shot might help his chances of landing 2nd pair minutes alongside Jared Cowen, but I think at this point it's more likely that MacLean will go with puck-mover Patrick Wiercioch on the 2nd pair or go for a shut-down pair of Cowen-Gryba, which looked absolutely awful during their short time together last season.

It's too bad the Sens didn't sign somebody like Ian White or Tom Gilert, but at 36 years of age and on a one year deal Corvo will serve as a stop-gap player until guys like Wiercioch and Gryba are ready for big minutes, or until Ceci is NHL ready. Overall Corvo should be fine for bottom pairing minutes, a good PP option with a big slapshot, and even some PK time, assuming the Sens want to avoid using Karlsson and Wiercioch in those situations.