Vancouver To Host Senators In 2014 Heritage Classic

There have been rumours of this matchup in an outdoor game since at least 2011, and last April during an Insider Trading segment, TSN gave the heads up it was a near certainty to go next season.

Today came the confirmation:

As the press release notes, the "heritage" this aims to commemorate is the 1915 Stanley Cup final played between the Vancouver Millionaires and the original Ottawa Senators (the Millionaires won by the way if you don't remember).

Aside from who might comprise an Ottawa alumni team roster (a topic Graeme tackled before), my most immediate thought is will the Senators be wearing/selling a new sweater for this occasion.

Both Ottawa and Vancouver have released throwback sweaters in the last two years, so one could see them simply wearing those. The Canucks bought the Millionaires trademarks in 2010, and the uniform they debuted last season looks awfully similar to what the team wore in 1915.

Ottawa's "O" Heritage Sweater while clearly beautiful, has very little in common with the Senators 1915 duds as this very small picture I found shows:

Basically a full on barber-pole with a crest made of the Union Jack and a Dominion Of Canada flag…plus some gold ribbon.

If the Senators are truly out to avenge this loss, shouldn't they be wearing the same?

In any case it should be a fun time (even if the roof is closed), I think I'll be there, and hopefully a few thousand other Senators fans will make the trip.