The Ottawa Senators will spend when the time is right. If you’ve followed the Ottawa Senators of the past two seasons, you’ve no doubt been assured this by ownership and management alike. You’ve been warned frivolous spending does not build contenders, but rather smart spending. Senators owner and horse enthusiast Eugene Melnyk has referenced the […]

Life After Spezza

I’m the kind of person to lean one direction and the other when I’m bowling in some vain attempt to will the ball to curve. If I’m playing a racing game, I’ll grip the controller nearly to the point of breaking it hoping it will somehow accelerate the vehicle on screen. I often feel this […]

Why Not Us?

The Ottawa Senators will miss the playoffs for the first time under head coach Paul Maclean. @draglikepull, a contributor on the Maple Leafs blog Pension Plan Puppets, sparked an

Assessing Player Performance By Zone

Over the last few seasons, many in the hockey analytics community have directed their attention toward the value of zone entries. More specifically, the effect of gaining the offensive zone with uninterrupted possession has been examined and compared with dump-in plays and broken entries. In order to gauge the offensive advantage associated with the ability […]

Fun With Shot Data

Note: Official NHL shot location data provided by Greg Sinclair's Super Shot Search. Any and all inaccuracy should be attributed to the league's incompetence with sharing reliable data.  In a perfect world, league-wide scoring chance data would be publicly available. The National Hockey League would share the totals on their website, next to zone entries […]