The Sunday Soapbox: The NHL Will Never Change Because We Don’t Want It To

On January 13, 1968, four minutes into a game against the Oakland Seals, the Minnesota North Stars’ Bill Masterton was carrying the puck into the Seals’ zone. Shortly after completing a pass to teammate Wayne Connelly, he was checked by Oakland’s Larry Cahan and Ron Harris. A helmet-less Masterton fell backwards, and smacked the back […]

The Sunday Soapbox: In Which We Discuss The Correlation Between Morality And The Hockey Fight (Or How The Self-Righteously Indignant Can Shove It Up Their Collective Ass)

As I type this, the Flyers are down 3-0 to mid-way through the second period to the NY Rangers and Philly’s Mike Richards has just nuked Brandon Dubinsky with an open ice hit.  Dubes naturally takes exception to this and drops the gloves, an invitation Richards gladly accepts.  As the expectant buzz ripsaws through the […]

The Sunday Soapbox: Seriously, What The Hell Is Wrong With You People?

I hold several personal truths to be self evident and from which I absolutely refuse to be swayed.  To wit: I believe that anyone who knowingly disrupts rush hour traffic by parking on a busy street outside the posted hours because “I’ll just be a few minutes” or makes a left hand turn regardless of […]


The Sunday Soapbox: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

First, a disclaimer.  The following statement is by no means meant to be construed as the opinion of either The 6th Sens or a certain Mister Graeme Nichols, 6th Sens founder and gentleman scholar who goes to great pains to present fair, cogent arguments on myriad issues, free of rancour and ad hominid attacks while […]

The Sunday Soapbox: My Kingdom For A Hook!

On the whole, I don’t really mind overt homerism from a play-by-play crew, provided, that is, I’m watching a local broadcast.  As a certified, accredited and fully licensed hater of all things Leafs, Joe Bowden’s nightly Odes Upon a Toronto Jockstrap makes me want to punch a nun, but do I begrudge him for it?  […]

The Sunday Soapbox: You Can’t Handle The Suck

Last night, I did something I have never done before.  No, not that.  I’ve done that plenty.  Sometimes even with another person, thank you.  No, what I’ve never done before was this: I stopped watching a Senators game of my own volition.  Sure, I’ve missed plenty of games for various reasons since that glorious night […]

The Sunday Soapbox: Canada Will Now Reaffirm Her Love Of Young Men

Ahhh…Boxing Day.  Of all the days in the amorphous creature known as the Christmas “Season”, Boxing Day may well be my favourite.  The crazed, manic run up to Christmas is behind us, the broken corpses of those clueless jacktards who dared get in our way at the mall safely buried in the shallow unmarked graves […]

The Sunday Soapbox: We Begin With The Airing Of Grievances

Now then, where was I?  Oh yeah…I quit!  Ish! I’ve discovered three things since I walked away from my keyboard three and a half weeks ago. Firstly, the feeling of NOT having to drunkenly knuckle punch a post out every second night for six months, no matter how much I had thought they resembled what […]