Bits And Pieces From Sweden

Mika Zibanejad is already a fan favourite amongst fans in Ottawa, being talked about as one of the brightest stars in the shining prospect pool that is the Ottawa Senators system. An ocean and some non-important not-so-good-at-hockey countries away, there’s another capital city in which Mika has been bringing excitement to hockey fans. However, in […]

Translating Silver Mountain

In light of his recent comments in local Gävle (home of the Brynäs hockey team) paper Arbetarbladet, the following is a topic worthy of discussion. How will Jakob Silfverberg translate? The translating friend that is the Google Machine would probably tell us it’s “Yescob Silfvr Mountain”, but as experienced last year with top prospect David […]

Silfverberg Proud Of His ‘Score Harvest’

Senators prospect Jakob Silfverberg has enjoyed a terrific regular season, scoring 24 goals, adding 30 assists for a total of 54 points in 49 games. On Sunday, his team enters a wide-open SEL playoffs, to be followed by a spot on the Swedish World Championship team in May. This morning, Jakob talked to Måns Karlsson […]

Season In Sweden Is Over…Now What?

The SEL regular season came to a close Tuesday in dramatic fashion. As mentioned in my post from the weekend speculating about the possibility of Mika Zibanejad returning to North America; his team had matters in their own hands today. Unfortunately a Djurgården loss combined with a late equalizing goal for Linköping, earning them a […]

The Possible Return Of The Mika

With the Swedish Elite League regular season drawing to a close Tuesday, an interesting question must be raised by Senators management. Mika Zibanejad’s (and Fredrik Claesson’s, obviously, but for the purpose of this debate, he doesn’t really matter) Djurgården are finishing up a terrible year with games on Saturday and Tuesday, playing to avoid the […]

Andre Petersson Speaks Candidly About Binghamton

(This was a pic of the print version of the article that I took with my phone when they ran it in the paper, don’t know if the quality quite measures up, though. The layout and premise of the piece is straightforward. The top portion is trying to portray the glittering glamour of an NHL […]

The Case For Viktor Fasth

Readers, joining our writing staff is the Swedish Twitter phenom known as @steffeG. If you’re not following him on Twitter, do yourself a favor and start today. steffeG will be bringing some insight and analysis while hopefully allowing to me to never use Google Translate again for some of those Swedish news articles that pertain […]