A Writer and Scout Discourse: The NP Round II

  The National Post continues to turn out poorly analyzed and in this case, contradictory articles faster than my stomach can churn at the thought of reading another one of their amateur and compost worthy articles. This time the article comes from Michael Traikos with analysis from Mark Seidel who is the director of scouting […]

Monday Musings on the Draft

  For those troubled by Zibanejad’s 9 points (5G,4A) through his first 26 games in the Swedish Elite League take the time to consider the Man Factor. In his 27 games in Sweden’s SuperElit (J20) League in 2010-11 he scored 21 points (12G, 9A) in 27 games. This is what happens when you’re a 18 […]

10 Zen Thoughts For Sens Army

  After being riled up by Noah Love earlier in the week I have decided to take an unconventional approach to tonight’s NHL Entry Draft. As a collective fan base we have been eying this date since Zach Smith put the stomps to Nathan Horton and ended the regular season in grand fashion. With all […]

Two weeks to fix an article: Noah Love

  Below is a story entitled ‘Two weeks to fix the franchise: The Ottawa Senators‘ from National Post writer Noah Love that appeared in its entirety here. His story is in italics and my comments in regular font. Let this be a lesson to always do your research and when in fact you don’t know, […]

Tim’s Take on the Senate Reform

You know, you gotta wonder if ‘Senate Reform’ is not the most brilliant idea for the Senators. 1. It shows that the Senators are aware of their internet presence and are trying to expand it. This is a big step and a very cool idea, if it’s true. I sincerely hope we start seeing some […]

Tow The Line

It’s tough finding Senators related news these days and I don’t think it will get any better until the draft. It’s rough out there folks. So put a little Da Costa back in your lives and forget about the greatest untold playoff story (Chris Campoli’s playoff moustache) and don’t lower yourselves to news that Mike […]

A Rogue Pick? Discussion is Good.

Not usually among the “Big Names Forwards” (Nugent-Hopkins, Landeskog, Strome, Huberdeau, Couturier) discussion in this coming draft when the Senators select number 6 is a guy who may be deserving of more attention, Swedish centre Mika Zibanejad. He’s currently making the rounds on some high profile scouting rankings being ranked 10th on Bob Mackenzie’s April […]

Rinkotology – Get Your Action

Bloguiin brothers in arms The Pens Blog are running a playoff fantasy hockey game that they’ve used a couple times before, for the 2010 playoffs and the 2010 Olympics, and although we weren’t invited, from what we hear it’s been pretty successful and a lot of fun. The added incentive is they’re giving away $3700 […]

Why the Frown Bytown? (Drafting Drama Queens)

As I was rudely interrupted while enjoying a raucous candidates debate last night with the news that Senators will make the 6th selection in the 2011 I was a little bummed out at first knowing that the worst case scenario had unfolded. I was in fact out of Sun Chips and my beloved Senators were […]

Oh, It Happened and Carvel Leaves the Building

The inevitable has happened and I take full advantage by getting in the last of my Carvel power play and Clouston suit digs before they’re as dated and ineffective as well… But let me start by saying in all seriousness I’ll miss the Little General and would have liked to have seen what he could […]

A Moment of Your Time…

A word and probably a bracket or two from Mr. Methodical, the high pitched nuisance named Tim… Today the Ottawa region need raise a glass of your favourite micro brew in honour of the birthday of Ottawa’s best blogger, although mediocre podcaster, Graeme. Where would the Alfiesphere be without your cruel wit, objective insight, rationale […]

Kovalev Finally Goes on a Tear

Too bad it happened to his knee and not the gamesheet. The Ottawa Sun is reporting that Alexei Kovalev is done for the year with a torn ACL in his left knee. This means a few things for the immediate future. Right away Senators fans can set aside all doubts that Kovalev will not show […]

More Orr!

How can we resist? And with no time wasted, here are some more possible explanations for Colton Orr’s three finger salute into the super hockey unknown. 1. The number of times he has cried while watching “Twilight”.2. His degrees of separation from Air Bud, golden receiver.3. The number of resumes he has already submitted to […]

Post Game Haiku

C minus effortDid not look like Sens of lateFox Sports Detroit stinks  

Snapshots from Detroit

A long hiatus, I realize, but I’m back with a few thoughts from last night’s game. 1. First of all, I had the privilege of watching the game broadcast by FSD and it was by far the worst television quality I have seen, It brought to mind watching any Sabres game at the Aud in […]