Kovalev Finally Goes on a Tear

Too bad it happened to his knee and not the gamesheet. The Ottawa Sun is reporting that Alexei Kovalev is done for the year with a torn ACL in his left knee. This means a few things for the immediate future. Right away Senators fans can set aside all doubts that Kovalev will not show […]

More Orr!

How can we resist? And with no time wasted, here are some more possible explanations for Colton Orr’s three finger salute into the super hockey unknown. 1. The number of times he has cried while watching “Twilight”.2. His degrees of separation from Air Bud, golden receiver.3. The number of resumes he has already submitted to […]

Post Game Haiku

C minus effortDid not look like Sens of lateFox Sports Detroit stinks  

Snapshots from Detroit

A long hiatus, I realize, but I’m back with a few thoughts from last night’s game. 1. First of all, I had the privilege of watching the game broadcast by FSD and it was by far the worst television quality I have seen, It brought to mind watching any Sabres game at the Aud in […]

Friday Recap

Murray extended!Lee is up! Picard is gone!Campoli is injured?And Cheechoo is waived? We don’t need a Stanley Cup to have a parade in Ottawa today!