Playing What If

It has been a tumultuous last few weeks and with a season that the statistical probabilities are already indicating is forlorn, the fans, media and most certainly (hopefully?), Eugene Melnyk are looking for answers. Despite the incessant clamouring for a change, nothing appears forthcoming. Sorry Bruce. Tim Murray has already gone on the record saying […]

All in the Family

For those who follow Bruce Garrioch (@SunGarrioch) on Twitter, odds are that you’re probably familiar with his boasts featuring comments from other respected members of the media that say that ol’ Boo Boo has the best Sunday hockey column in the country. Well, if Garrioch’s going to lay claim to this, then it’s only fitting […]

A Thought on the Kovalev Trade Rumo(u)rs

Thanks to last night’s Hockey Night in Canada Hotstove Panel that examined issues from around the NHL for the past week, we have some more candid analysis of Alexei Kovalev’s GOAT comments to the local media. Here’s the gist of what happened… Mike Milbury used a tissue as a prop and mockingly threw it away […]

Goat Horns

In a media scrum following Thursday’s morning skate, Cory Clouston threw Alexei Kovalev under the bus. “When he plays, he’s very dominant. Other nights, he’s not. We need more consistency, not only from him but from the rest of the team … I’m more concerned with the teammates. They’re the ones working with him and […]

The 6th Sens Podcast – Episode 33 ft. Sean McIndoe from Down Goes Brown

With the Senators season starting to swirl around the drain as early as 30 games into the 2010-11 NHL season, things are pretty bleak around the nation’s capital. Unless of course, you’re Sean McIndoe – a National Post columnist and the author of the Toronto Maple Leafs blog Down Goes Brown who can now add […]

Thursday Afternoon Linkage

– In an interview with Team 1200’s Sports Call program, Assistant General Manager Tim Murray said, “For three weeks we’ve been trying to make a trade. Small trade. Big trade. Major trade. It’s just unrealistic right now.” He also spent the majority of the program referring to Bobby Butler as “not the answer”. I hope […]

Thursday Ramblings

Yesterday I joked on Twitter that Eugene Melnyk’s idea of a rebuild would be to sell the Ottawa Senators and buy the Atlanta Thrashers. Soon, he may have no choice. Despite his bravado and his best efforts to lull this fanbase into a false sense of security, the latest mathematical figures paint a much darker […]

Canadiens vs. Sens Post-game Haiku

[The Breakout Pass — now caring 10% more than the Senators!] I swear, this team isNot worth the syllables inThis haiku poem

Glancing at the Standings

It’s only early in December and I’m already glancing at the standings trying to figure out how big of a hole the Senators have dug themselves over the past few weeks. In the past, I’ve relied upon to break down the playoff standing metrics however, they haven’t updated their hockey section in awhile. Fortunately, […]

Karlsson Caption Contest Update

Congratulations to T6S reader Cassie for her submission to the Erik Karlsson Finger Point caption contest. Her “Hey Cooke, pull my finger” submission was selected by Rogers Sportsnet’s Ian Mendes as the winner. As the winner, she receives the Metro Family 4 Pack to the December 10th game versus the New Jersey Devils that includes […]

Play the Kids

Like a cougar who had marinated in perfume before heading to the Crazy Horse bar in the Kanata Centrum, the recent decisions to scratch Erik Karlsson and Peter Regin reek of desperation. As a collective, Ottawa has scored goals at a slightly better than Muckaltian rate. Prior to scoring 3 goals against the Rangers, the […]