Senators Interested in Signing Havlat to a PTO

Just when I was reflecting on how shitty of a time of year it is for hockey news, Bruce Garrioch breaks news that the Ottawa Senators are exploring the possibility of a professional tryout with former Senator right winger Martin Havlat. Chris Phillips will be fine for camp. Will skate this week.

Prospecting with Pronman: Senators’ Top 10 Prospects List

The “two weeks of Corey” has concluded with ESPN Insider Corey Pronman fortuitously releasing (note: paywall) each Atlantic Division team’s top ten prospects in the first day of his four-part series. Although Pronman ranked the Senators as having the 23rd-best system in the NHL, he consistently pushed the notion that Ottawa’s system is “somewhat thin, […]

Prospecting with Pronman: Reveals Top 100 Prospects List

On the heels of revealing his annual organizational prospect rankings, ESPN Insider Corey Pronman continued his ‘Two Weeks of Corey’ by releasing (note: paywall) his top 100 prospects list and a supplementary list (note: behind a paywall) of the top ten goaltending prospects yesterday. Considering the Senators were situated in the lower third (23rd overall) […]

Prospecting with Pronman: Senators Ranked 23rd in Latest Organizational Rankings

It’s Corey Pronman time over at ESPN Insider where he not only posted his organizational prospect rankings (note: paywall) of the NHL’s best farm systems today, but over the course of the next two weeks, he will also reveal: 1) his top 100 prospects and ten best goaltending prospects; and 2) his top ten prospects within each organization. I love […]

Old Farts in Toronto Talking Senators Relocation

Last year when I was standing in line at a Rogers Store waiting to turn in some old hardware and upgrade to the Nextbox, when I was distracted by the unmistakable presence of Frank D’Angelo on Rogers’ in-store televisions. According to IMDB, what I was watching was some gangster flick that D’Angelo wrote, starred in and […]

Senators and Wikstrand “Munhugg”ing on Where He’ll Spend 2015-16

According to report out of Sweden on, prospect Mikael Wikstrand admitted that he and the Senators are having “munhuggs”. Munhuggs sound fun, especially if you’re hanging out with a certain Olivia, but after a two-second Google search query, it turns out munhuggs translates to bickering. Yes, the Senators and Wikstrand are disagreeing on where he will spend […]

Pierre Dorion Speaks: Hoffman Arbitration, Buyouts, A Healthy Cowen

In the wake of Mike Hoffman’s arbitration ruling yesterday, Senators assistant general manager Pierre Dorion took to the airwaves to talk to Ian Mendes and Shawn Simpson on TSN 1200’s ‘The Drive’ about the process and the organizations feelings about the ruling. It’s an interesting listen, especially because Dorion sheds some light on the budget […]

The $2 Million Dollar Man: Mike Hoffman’s Arbitration Ruling Comes In

Just in case you needed more affirmation that NHL arbitration was a joke — I mean, besides the fact that the arbitration ruling in Mike Hoffman’s case arrived well after the mandated 48-hour benchmark that is outlined within the CBA — Hoffman, the puck possessing savant and Ottawa’s leading goal scorer (27) was awarded a one-year contract worth […]

Be There: #SensSummerFanFest on Sunday, August 16th

The second annual #SensSummerFanFest will take place on Sunday, August 16th at MacLaren’s on Elgin Street. Doors open at 1:00 pm, so brush up on your Senators history, put on your favourite or most obscure personalized Sens jersey and make your way down to the bar where there will lots to do. If beer, playing pool, participating in Sens […]

Senators Hire Jimmy Blixt As Their New Swedish Scout

According to a report out of the Swedish tabloid newspaper Espressen, the Ottawa Senators have hired a new European scout named Jimmy Blixt who will predominantly focus on players within Sweden. And yeah, that’s Jimmy Blixt in the adorning photo that I pulled it from his LinkedIn page where I’m hoping the Senators found him, his resume and this […]

Hoffman Arbitration Figures Released

As promised, the figures for Mike Hoffman’s arbitration hearing are in and lo and behold, they’re surprisingly reasonable. Sens arbitration ask is $1.75M, Hoffman seeking $3.4M. — Wayne Scanlan (@HockeyScanner)

50/50 Odds on Pre-Arbitration Hoffman Contract Settlement?

  Considering the timing of the season, there was plenty of good stuff contained within Wayne Scanlan’s article on the Ottawa Citizen‘s website today. Not only did Scanlan transcribe and capture awkward moments from Alex Chiasson’s post-arbitration conference call, he also shed some light on Mike Hoffman’s arbitration details. According to Scanlan, the Senators sent Hoffman a one-year contract […]

Arbitrator Awards Chiasson $1.2M One-Year Deal

To the surprise of no one, including Alex Chiasson’s agents, family and friends, an independent arbitrator has ruled that the 24-year old right winger will receive a $1.2 million salary for the 2015-16 season. News of Chiasson’s contract was made yesterday, a number of hours after the arbitrator was mandated to email a decision within 48-hours of the arbitration hearing […]

Pierre Dorion Speaks: Late on This, But You’ll Still Read It

Senators assistant GM Pierre Dorion was on the radio last week, but since I was off on an east coast road trip that lasted until Tuesday night, I figured I may as well get around to posting a transcript of his appearance on TSN 1200’s ‘In the Box’ since much of the information is still […]

Chiasson Arbitration Figures Released

The figures for Alex Chiasson’s arbitration filing was revealed yesterday morning. Not surprisingly, the Senators came in with an offer of $1 million – an 11-percent increase on the $900,000 that the 24-year old forward made last season. Chiasson’s representatives countered by shrugging their shoulders and casually sliding a piece of paper with $2.475 million […]

Shane Prince Re-Signs

The beautiful thing about technology in the year 2015 is that I can seamlessly pen blog articles from the comfort of a backseat as a few friends and I drive to the east coast. As the headline of this article states, the Senators have re-signed Shane Prince to a one-year, two-way contract that will pay […]

The 6th Sens Podcast is Back!

Alright, so after a ridiculously lengthy hiatus in which we totally dropped the ball and neglected to fulfill our promise to publish podcasts more regularly, we’re back! Yes,

Thoughts on Thoughts: Edmonton’s Interest in Greening, Trading Cowen

If you haven’t realized the NHL’s news cycle was winding down as the number of free agent signing announcements dry up, Elliotte Friedman’s last ’30 Thoughts’ column of the summer should help drive that point home. Friedman spoiled his readership by expanding his article to 44 thoughts, but for other greedy fans like me, who […]