Paul MacLean A Finalist For The Jack Adams

Today the NHL announced that Ottawa Senators head coach Paul MacLean was among its three finalists for the Jack Adams Trophy, presented to the head coach who has contributed most to his team’s success. The Trophy is voted on by members of the NHL Broadcaster’s Association. Anaheim’s Bruce Boudreau and Chicago’s Joel Quenneville were announced […]

Scoring Chances: Game 25 @ New York Rangers

Team Period Time Note OTT NYR   OTT 1 13:50   15 11 9 46 61 40 21 10 24 5 27 30 5v5 OTT 1 13:42 Smith goal 15 11 9 3 55 40 21 10 24 5 27 30 5v5 OTT 1 12:46   7 14 33 3 55 40 21 10 24 […]

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Michalek Kneeds a Second Opinion

After tweaking his knee during the February 13th pregame skate in Pittsburgh, Milan Michalek is allegedly going to get a second opinion to determine whether or not surgery is needed. The winger has already missed three games because of the injury, but for what it’s worth, the Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch writes that the Senators […]


VIDEO: Cooke Lacerates Karlsson’s Achilles [UPDATED] With less than 30 seconds remaining in the second period, Erik Karlsson took a Matt Cooke's skate blade (inadvertant or deliberate depending on your mileage) to the back of his left leg. To this point, there's no update on his status and on the Interwebs, it's all speculation as to the severity of his […]

Scoring Chances: Game 6 vs. Washington

Team Period Time Note OTT WSH   OTT 1 17:13   13 33 9 55 65 41 19 20 36 55 30   5v4 WSH 1 14:16   13 33 3 65 41   83 42 36 55 30   4v4 WSH 1 11:47   7 11 73 55 74 41 9 42 25 36 […]

How The December 27th NHL Proposal Affects The Sens

Earlier this week ESPN's Pierre Lebrun revealed the latest details from the 300-page CBA proposal that the NHL tabled for the NHLPA on December 27th.  The NHL posed a variety of changes to its offer in an attempt to move the two sides closer to an agreement. I've highlighted a few of said changes below […]

VIDEO: Karlsson’s Jokerit Sendoff

Jokerit topped HIFK 8-1 in today's Helsinki derby, with Karlsson supplying a meager one goal and four primary assists in his SM-Liga farewell: He leaves behind a statline of 30GP 9G 25A 34PTS, a pace that had he stayed, would smash the league's all-time d-man points record. There are plenty of great accounts of […]

Can Binghamton Keep It Up?

Brandishing a record of 17-7-1-2, the Binghamton Senators currently reside in second place in the AHL’s East Division. Given the abundance of youth on the roster, a collective group that the organization likes to refer to as one of the youngest teams in the league, their place in the standings through the first third of […]

Världens Bästa Karlsson

Do yourself a favour and just watch the video entitled  'Världens bästa Karlsson (Jokerit)' — it loosely translates to 'the world's best Karlsson' — below and thank

Thursday Thoughts: EK Breaking Finnish Hearts

In a move that is sure to upset the legions of Jokerit fans (they who contribute to the league's highest home gate), Erik Karlsson is leaving their organization. Of course, it is possible that something may have been lost in translation here. While trying to communicate with a Finnish media contingency that could not understand […]

Someone Wants To Trade For Gonchar?

A CBA is needed first to consummate a trade, so assuming that happens and the season starts in the near future, this Garrioch story titled – "Pittsburgh Penguins Look To Bring Back Ottawa Senators Defenseman Sergei Gonchar", may be relevant: "If the NHL does start a shortened season next month, don't expect Sergei Gonchar to […]

Spez Added To The Spengler

In a nice reprieve from talking about how crappy Finnish truck-stop fare can be, one month to the day that Jason Spezza expressed interest to Hockey Canada about participating in this year’s Spengler Cup, he was added to Canada’s Spengler Cup roster today along with John Tavares, Matt Duchene, Patrice Bergeron, Tyler Seguin, and Ryan Smyth.  […]

3D Senator Named 7th Worst NHL Logo Of All Time By no less an authority than Icethetics, here's their review: "The Ottawa Senators had a perfectly good logo when they debuted in 1992. Then they came up with their first third jersey in 1997. And it had this multi-colored mark on the front. And we all asked, "why?" Turning the guy's head to make […]

An Outdoor Game in Ottawa…Sure, Why Not?

According to a report in the Ottawa Business Journal that was fueled by comments from the Mayor's office, the City of Ottawa will be throwing its support behind the team as it attempts to bring an outdoor game to Lansdowne Park. The idea is to have the Senators face off against the Montreal Canadiens, according […]

Tim Murray Speaks: Ziba’s Health, Wikstrand & More

Given the uncertainty surrounding Mika Zibanejad's return to the Binghamton lineup (it's been 26 days since he last played a game), Assistant GM Tim Murray's morning appearance on In the Box carried some heightened importance.  You can listen to the interview here, or alternatively, you can stream it at the bottom of this post. As always, my thoughts […]

Bad Turris-t

We have begun to enter the fun stage of this genre where the translation makes its way back to those who were slagged. For the unawares, yesterday in a Globe & Mail story, Turris went all Andre Petersson on SM-Liga transportation, Finnish truck-stop dining, and the crushing boredom that is life in Oulu. I’m also […]

Apuckalypse Now

The Binghamton Senators revealed a promotion this afternoon that honours the Mayan prophecy that declares the dawning New World Age on December 21, 2012. In tribute to the impending apocalypse – which Bingo fans can only assume means one of two things: 1) the NHL lockout will end, inadvertently ending any chance of Binghamton Calder […]