@NHL_Sens RT’s Column Endorsing Bettman’s Ouster

Of course this RT was promptly deleted…which is a shame. If we've learned anything in the past year, the people love their team accounts with a little personality. Be your radical self @NHL_Sens! Anyway, here's the Duhatschek column in question.

Jason Spezza Should Not Play The Spengler

Jason Spezza has informed Hockey Canada he is willing to participate in the Spengler Cup and to put it succinctly, it sickens me. On one hand, here is a player who has historically gone to considerable lengths to ingratiate himself to the fans, the organization, the media and his teammates. And we can add Hockey […]

Shots, Shots, Shots

Through 13GP Binghamton is 7-4-2, good for 5th place in their conference – that in spite of only scoring 34 goals. Their leading goal-scorer is Derek Grant, who's a swell prospect to be sure, but fans are clamoring for more from those prefixed as "highly-touted".  Hopefully this post can ease concerns. While Silf and Zibanejad […]

Richardson Speaks: Cowen’s Injury, Z-Bad, Silf

Another weekly radio appearance by Binghamton Senators head coach Luke Richardson and another weekly transcription for you here at The 6th Sens. Richardson touched upon a number of points that I couldn’t be bothered writing about – Hugh Jessiman, Tyler Eckford, the non-existent Toronto/Ottawa rivalry at the AHL-level (caused by the fact that Toronto and […]

Lather. Rinse. Repeat

Unless the NHL lockout has completely turned you off on the prospect of following the sport, in which case I would question why you are here reading this blog in the first place, you have inevitably noticed that through his first 13 games, Mika Zibanejad is off to an underwhelming start in the AHL. Mercifully, […]

The Sens And Undisciplined Play

  Being on the power-play is a big advantage – teams obviously create scoring chances at a much higher rate than at even-strength. Even if you're not scoring, opponents rarely ever get a goal, or even a quality chance. Every team would tell you they're aiming to draw more than they take… Last season the […]

Mike Lundin: Depth Defenceman

In the wake of Cowen going under the knife to repair a torn labrum in his hip – the procedure itself is scheduled for this Saturday – I, like many others, alluded to the immense pressure that will be placed on the team’s veteran defencemen. I neglected to mention Mike Lundin’s name. Signed as an unrestricted free […]

Report: Wikstrand to join Frölunda

According to the very credible blog, Mikael Wikstrand has reached a verbal agreement to join Frölunda at the end of the year. This does not come as a surprise as rumours have been circulating ever since Wikstrand’s hot start, that he’d follow the path of a certain someone on the Ottawa Senators blueline. This […]

Maidens, Culek Yet To Hit The Ice In Junior

Much like their NHL counterparts, a pair of Senators third-round picks are still waiting the start of the 2012/13 season to begin. For Jarrod Maidens and Jakub Culek, these are some very trying times; albeit, for entirely different reasons. It has been almost one full calendar year since Maidens stumbled into the boards and an […]

Breaking: Jared Cowen

This just in… Jared Cowen is having "surgical procedure" for "lower body" injury. — Ken Warren (@Citizenkwarren)

Erik Condra Earns Ticket To DEL-2

Not since David Hasselhoff has an American product torn up the German charts like Erik Condra. After posting an impressive 19 points in 7 games played, Condra is packing up his bags and taking his decent puck possession skills from EV Füssen of the DEL-3 to SC Riessersee of the DEL-2. From the EV Füssen […]

The “Dream Team” That Never Was

"Prior to the Expansion Draft, The Ottawa Citizen compiled a dream team based on a poll of fans. Ottawa-born Bobby Smith was a sentimental favourite of the fans." (via Old Scores, New Goals. The Story Of The Ottawa Senators)  

HockeyCentral Elaborates On Sale Rumours

The Ottawa Sun's Bruce Garrioch made an appearance on yesterday's HockeyCentral at Noon, shortly after the 26 minute mark, the conversation turned to those "rumblings" of Eugene Melnyk having the team on the market. Without rehashing a post which documented the recent history of Senators sale rumours, let's get right into it. I've clipped the […]

Luke Richardson Speaks…like he does every Tuesday

Yesterday was Tuesday, which means Binghamton Senators head coach, Luke Richardson made his weekly appearance on the Team 1200's The Drive program. The full interview was not transcribed by me, but if you would prefer to listen to it, you can do here. As always, my thoughts are in bold. On the lack of scoring […]

Ottawa Does Lockout Goaltending Controversies

In case you missed it, Ben Bishop is not very good. At least that is the story his unsightly peripherals tell in less than 120 minutes of AHL action. The numbers too easily lend themselves for use by the ‘what have you done for me lately?’ crowd. As a collective, we are all guilty of doing […]

In What Lockout Camp Do The Senators Stand?

(The Senators actual salary outlay vs the cap floor and ceiling) Elliotte Friedman is joining the podcast tonight, which is timely as it just so happens last week’s 30 Thoughts touched on something I’d been meaning to write about: “The commish has three groups of owners: the ones who want to play; the ones in […]

Ottawa’s Lowest Prospect Grade is “Don’t Want”

Really. Reads like Bart Scott wrote that one. That adorably blunt detail is contained in this two–part series Garrioch had over the weekend, embedding on the road with Pierre Dorion. The highlight for my money is the inclusion of Dorion's scouting report on Karlsson from the '08 U-18's in Kazan, Russia (a portion of which […]

Another Reason To Look At The Books

It's been two weeks since the esteemed HockeyCentral panel re-ignited their own latent Sens sale speculation, (which it should be said was promptly denied). Ottawa wasn't named, but anyone could deduce which Ontario-based club they were talking about. Many people (and this site) took that information as to imply the team was either for sale […]